Upper Dart Swim

Swimmers Masterclass

A masterclass presented in easy and alternative ways of getting trashed in style

Option 1

  • Sit in the centre of the river
  • Ignore rafts
  • Get mashed by previously ignored raft
  • Swim

Tried and tested by Tom, on Tryweryn, Holme Pierrpoint…

Option 2

  • Go on ahead of main group so out of the line of site
  • Don’t scout drop into tunnel weir Abyss
  • Hit the tree you didn’t see
  • Twist torso and attempt to paddle over
  • Behold! Vertical pinning to be proud of
  • Attempt to free self
  • Attempt to bail
  • Get stuck under rescue boat
  • Bail, surface, breath
  • Collide with awaiting branches

Certified on River Rother by Fritz

Option 3

  • Buy stupidly small playboat
  • Decide it isn’t fun in it and climb out
  • Climb onto the edge of pourover
  • Dive in
  • Stay under as long as possible
  • Get caught on trolley at the bottom
  • Worry other paddlers by still staying under
  • Emerge a token couple o’ hundred yards downstream in style, coughing and spluttering
  • Inspect leg injury

No worries, Adam has tried this up Chertsy in order for our research

Option 4

  • Paddle out of eddy onto small wave
  • Flip upside down
  • Head butt rock
  • Reach bank and inspect helmet for gnarly dings

For more info see Ella, re. The Yat

Safety notes

  • Do not attempt to breathe whilst submerged.
  • Any of the above activities are not yet certified by British Canoeing legislation.
  • Only the most stupid of paddlers should commence trials.
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