It was time to brace myself and sign up to get on some moving water.

Early Saturday morning start to miss the traffic got us to the meeting point in Wales in good time. All I was told was to aim for the ‘V’ point in the middle of the river and whatever happened I had to keep paddling down to where Jacho was now sitting in an eddy waiting.

So my turn came, I paddled towards the rocks & rapids, went down a bit, turned & went backwards for a bit, turned again and finished my first experience of moving water in good shape in the eddy with Jacho.  Fabulous start!

Ferry gliding was the next move to learn.  The first couple of stretches across the river and back went well but then it all descended into a swim & rescue event.  I capsized and struggled to swim to shore with the river pulling me downstream.  I thought I was safe and stood up only to have the force of the river takes my legs from under me and off I went again downstream!  Mick was my saviour.  He grabbed my boat down the river and came back to haul it, and his, up what can only be described as a vertical ascent uphill.  

Through the trees we went, eventually meeting the pathway.  We walked and clambered back down to join the others back on the river.  Pretty much scared myself to death with that one!  After a few tears and much encouragement from the others, I got back on the water to ferry glide across the river again to the beach area where I decided to call it a day.  The rest of the group had good afternoon surfing waves and showing off their paddling skills.

After dinner at the local inn, a sleepover in a bunkhouse and full English breakfast at the farmhouse next door, it was time to get on the river again.  I bailed out of day two due to a migraine, so spent a leisurely morning with coffee, girlie magazines & chat with Sam Lane and wandering riverside taking photographs.  Youngsters Roy and Luc seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

Soon it was time to go home – but not before Sam Wright had been declared successful by assessor Mick in passing his 2-star.  Well Done Sam.


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