Soldier’s Point And Sea Surf

Fantastic paddle from the soldier point in the Shoreham-by-sea harbour down to the Southwick beach. with a chance to surf some nice waves. Southwick beach is an excellent place to learn some kayak surf moves. The beach is sandy, and at low tide, it can be very shallow for a long time. Shallow enough to
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ACC Paddle Points

Not many people are aware of it, but Mike has created a quick map of our most common paddle points. You can access it in the website menu or via the link:

New ACC Website

New club website has been officially launched. Arun Canoe Club (“ACC” for short) The long-term goals are to improve the layout and the simplicity of the pages. The team at ACC will continue to even more improve the interaction, between the members and the coaches via the website, without the need for 3rd party applications, or an email. There is
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The Great Scottish Canoe Trail

By Ian Baker  Four intrepid explorers with paddle in hand, Went on a Journey, a trip that was planned, 60 miles on Canals, Rivers and locks, Five days and four nights to spend with the Scots. We started with canoes packed to the rim, With so much kit couldn’t fathom the trim, In Banavie the
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It was time to brace myself and sign up to get on some moving water. Early Saturday morning start to miss the traffic got us to the meeting point in Wales in good time. All I was told was to aim for the ‘V’ point in the middle of the river and whatever happened I
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Birling Gap 14 July 2013

As a trip leader, Bruno had planned Sunday’s trip from Birling Gap to the Seven Sisters Country park. However, for one reason or another, a decision was made to avoid the shuttle run and launch and return to Birling Gap. With hot weather and flat seas expected, I decided to take my sit on top
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Thames Trip

6 am and I heard the voice ‘You better get up, Bruno is already outside’. Not the first words I wanted to hear, but here he was and I only had a few minutes to jump in the shower and get myself downstairs, by which time Wendy already had the coffee ready and the bacon
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