River Dart Trip October 2004

By Peter. October 2004 The Weather. It was raining; nothing beats changing in the car park in the rain. I must buy one of those tents that go over the back of the car, inbuilt heating, and pile carpet. Water Level. The height gauge on the web was at 1.5 white marks – no problem.
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The Upper Barle

This is an account of the Trip to the upper Barle The Awakening I think everybody would agree with me when I say the worst part of the upper Barle experience is getting up at 4:45 am. Dragging yourself from the warmth and safety of your bed, scrambling into your clothes and in the process,
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Ardeche France (By Anne)

It all started off by squashing Jacho into the rear of our vehicle which was to be driven by the Bionic Man, Mike.W. Then on the ferry we squashed Dan (6’6”+) into a small bunk bed in our cramped 4 berth cabin with 5 of us in it. This went on all week squashing gear
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Swimmers Masterclass

A masterclass presented in easy and alternative ways of getting trashed in style Option 1 Sit in the centre of the river Ignore rafts Get mashed by previously ignored raft Swim Tried and tested by Tom, on Tryweryn, Holme Pierrpoint… Option 2 Go on ahead of main group so out of the line of site
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River Rother Trip

From what I’ve heard the Rother Trip this year was very amusing as usual! I’m sure that everyone wanted to go back to the start and do it all again when they had finished! Hmmmm… maybe we all need a year to rest to be able to do that trip again.