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Kayaks Storage Cleanup

Sebastian and Trevor did perform a full cleanup and inventory check, in our club storage location. This task was performed after, a small incident, in which someone did try to break in. Fortunately the burglars did not steal anything, however, they did significantly damaged the garage door. The door is now fixed and Sebastian and Gareth are working on additional countermeasures to stop future attempts. We were well overdue with the inventory check, therefore Sebastian and Trevor decided to update the list and to check every item for damages and overall quality. The updated Inventory list is now available online… Read More

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New ACC Website

New club website has been officially launched. Arun Canoe Club (“ACC” for short) The long-term goals are to improve the layout and the simplicity of the pages. The team at ACC will continue to even more improve the interaction, between the members and the coaches via the website, without the need for 3rd party applications, or an email. There is still a long way to go, and it requires a lot of testing, yet we are very excited about, the capabilities, of posting articles, trip reports, and news, via the integrated blogging engine. All our club volunteers will be able to log in and contribute to the… Read More

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Swimmers Masterclass

A masterclass presented in easy and alternative ways of getting trashed in style Option 1 Sit in the centre of the river Ignore rafts Get mashed by previously ignored raft Swim Tried and tested by Tom, on Tryweryn, Holme Pierrpoint… Option 2 Go on ahead of main group so out of the line of site Don’t scout drop into tunnel weir Abyss Hit the tree you didn’t see Twist torso and attempt to paddle over Behold! Vertical pinning to be proud of Attempt to free self Attempt to bail Get stuck under rescue boat Bail, surface, breath Collide with awaiting… Read More

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