Becoming A Member

Stage 1 – Request A Password

To become a member First you will have to contact a membership Secretary, with the form. He will send you a password to access the registration page.

Stage 2 – Register As A Member

  • One email can be used for all family members, but individual emails will give you individual access to site content and bulletins.

Stage 3 – Select A Membership

After Registering on the ACC website, log in and navigate to
membership selection page or navigate manualy to:

Members Area/My Account

In there select CHANGE Your Membership. Currently you will have no membership selected.

From the membership list signup to the 1 year subscription (Adult, family, or Junior).

If the account is for family only one account is primary, and other acoounts must be selected as Family Membership (Additional family members).

Note: Full access to the website will be granted once the account is verified and paid.

Stage 4 – Paying For A Membership

To pay the membership cost, you can use several options, and all of them are listed below:

Direct Payment (on-line, in the branch, or other services such PayPal)

Money can be paid into the club account via any on-line banking service. Details are:

  • Account no.: 35102660
  • Sort Code: 30-90-92

Reference: As our statement will show your account’s name against your payment, please use the Reference to identify the reason for the payment, such as: ACC Mmbrshp2019 or Kayak Purchase, etc. Abbreviate depending upon the number of characters available to you.

Please notify the Treasurer by email   when you have paid your membership fees. He will confirm by email, that payment has been received after viewing our account on-line.

Payment by Cheque

Your cheque, payable to ARUN CANOE CLUB, should be posted to the ACC Treasurer at their home address and an email sent to , advising them, that this has been done and the reason for the payment.

The Treasurer will confirm receipt of your cheque by replying to your email. If you would like to pay contact, to obtain mail adress.

Payment in Cash

Members can pay for the pool sessions only in cash or by Pool Vouchers. Receipts for cash are not provided. Cash cannot be accepted in payment for Membership Dues or club equipment,

You can download the Instruction via the link below:


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