Kayaks Storage Cleanup

Sebastian and Trevor did perform a full cleanup and inventory check, in our club storage location. This task was performed after, a small incident, in which someone did try to break in. Fortunately the burglars did not steal anything, however, they did significantly damaged the garage door.

The door is now fixed and Sebastian and Gareth are working on additional countermeasures to stop future attempts.

We were well overdue with the inventory check, therefore Sebastian and Trevor decided to update the list and to check every item for damages and overall quality.

The updated Inventory list is now available online on ACC website:


The whole garage has been emptied and equipment marked and recorded on our equipment list. The kayaks did look really good after laying them down next to each other.

The little item such as paddles, spraydecks helmets, etc, now is grouped and in the location that is easy to access. Kayaks are now stored, as in the per picture below which allow an easy access and leaves a lot of space. The previous method was to just drop them all on the floor, which meant jumping over kayaks in case we wanted, to pick up something from the back of the garage.

The below picture shows the damaged door, before we did repair it.

damaged Garage

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